Secret cult war deepens in South Africa. Another Nigerian killed in Pretoria this morning.

By: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele
25 April, 2019

Column: Nigeria Community News

At about 10am this morning Sunday 31st March 2019 I got a phone call that a Nigerian had just been shot dead on Celliers Street in Sunnyside. I rushed down to the scene to see who it was and why. Unfortunately on getting there the entire crime scene had been barricaded by the Police. I approached them as a media personal to take pictures but I was turned down as investigation was still on-going but got the picture from people at the scene before the Police arrived

From information gathered from Nigerians around the crime scene who were present when the killing took place I was informed that the killing is related to the ongoing secret cult war between the Axemen and Vickings Cult Groups where over 23 Nigerians have been killed in the last 5 months around Pretoria and Johannesburg. This month according to my records 4 Nigerians have been killed.

In the March 2019 Edition of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper I did write an article about the on-going killings titled "Cultism War Menace within Nigerian Community". In the article I called on the Nigerian Diplomatic Missions to call the leaders of the various cult groups who are unleashing terror on the Nigerian Community and the society at large. The leaders of the various cult groups are known in the community.

From information gathered by The Nigerian Voice Newspaper these killings are occasioned by the struggle for supremacy, territory control for drug dealing and access to contact which will give them dirty underworld deals.

This cult group members are involved in forcefully seizing expensive cars and kidnapping fellow Nigerians who are well to do and vulnerable, and they demand ransom before the release of the car or the individual.

It is quite amazing how people will travel across boarders many miles to another country and live such lives. We are so fast at blaming the Police and South African citizens when they maltreat us but we keep quiet and look away while the killings is done by our fellow Nigerians.

Where are Nigerian Diplomatic Missions, Nigeria Community leaders, faith based organization leaders (Pastors & Imams).

We need to do more and deal with this menace before it consumes us all.

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