The Day when ‘Naija’ and ‘Southy’ Walks the Aisle

By: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele
25 April, 2019

Column: Entertainment News

Kroonstad, came alive on the 27th of April 2019 on the day love conquered all and brought people of different background together for a unique purpose.

 On the day, many Nigerians trooped from different parts of South Africa into Kroonstad, a small town near Bloemfontein, Free State in their convoy of cars driving bumper to bumper to witness and celebrate another triumph of love. The event was the wedding ceremony of Pulane Tiny Kau and Anthony Mark-Okafor.

Any wedding ceremony between a Nigerian man and South African lady is always a wonder to behold, a unique story of love, romance and cultural mix. The love story and eventual wedding ceremony of Pulane Tiny Kau and Anthony Mark-Okafor was not an exception. It was indeed the romantic mixture of two powerful African cultures. One of the highlights of the event was the rich display of the flamboyant Nigerian cultural heritage of colourful and stylish Nigerian attires and spraying of money in the air as mark of celebration with and of the celebrants. It will be close to the truth if one says money flows in the air on such occasion as Pulane Tiny Kau and Anthony Mark-Okafor’s special day.

Anthony Mark-Okafor, an IT professional and specialist hails from Anambra State in Nigeria and Pulane Tiny Kau a Sotho lady from Kroonstad, Free State. The lovebirds have been dating for 5 years before their wedding said the groom Anthony Mark-Okafor. "It is indeed a joyous and happy day for me today as I finally married the love of my life and pillar of strength. A lady I am very happy and pleased with. We have been dating for almost five years now" Mark-Okafor said during his speech at the reception which took place at KronsPark Lodge.

Pulane Tiny's mother expressed her joy for witnessing the wedding of her daughter. She seized the opportunity to advise fellow South Africans that Nigerians are good people and there is no difference between them and any other set of people as she has interacted with many Nigerians. Her speech was well received by many Nigerians in the hall and earned her lots of money been showered on her the Nigerian way.

The KronsPark Lodge reception venue was elegantly and tastefully decorated portraying the elegant status of the couple. The music was a mixture of Nigerian and South African genres which drew every guest to the dancing floor. Foods and drinks were readily available to the delight of all the guests present. 

Pulane Tiny Kau and Anthony Mark-Okafor’s wedding ceremony was indeed another great day Nigeria and South Africa walked hand in hand for love that overcomes xenophobia and all cultural differences.

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