Abroad Wash vs Diaspora Reality

By: Yomi Atere
April, 2019

Column: Features and Opinion

World people sef dey tuale Nigerians based On Travel Level. Dem even  talk say e no get any kontri for this world wey u go reach wey you no go meet at least one Nigerian for there, No matter the weather Shuo! 

But again one truth be say as we travel reach, Nigerians no dey forget Home, no matter how far and wide we travel.  Maybe Na the Reason why some of us dey live two realities a.k.a double life like our guy Chucks.

Na true say UPDATES dey very important for us world people of today, as per how well we dey survive for anywhere we dey versus how things really be for us especially in diaspora.

You want make your people know say you dey okay but u no even get house to sleep for abroad and you no fit open up to your people. Na wha! We dey see your update no worry yourself.

Chuks say First of all shame don dey ground dey wait u if u no carry plenty money come back Naija to fit help extended families be the assignment because the way dem follow celebrate him Visa like say na open cheque to success too much Abegi and after such celebrations nobody dey expect u to come back home empty-handed if u like die put for there!.

The MENTALITY be say If any man don travel abroad, you must be loaded by force by fire, like say money dey grow on top trees outside naija. But the REALITY  be say as u enter any new country grownups dey turn Learners, as we dey learn new language Na so we dey learn the currency, the people and many do’s and don’ts for the laws of the land.

Instead of Chuks to talk truth about ihn situation give people he con dey make dem dey hate am as dem belief say he get money to flash but you no fit help them.

To dey spread bad news about man situation for abroad no be thing of pride.

Because of necessary updates chuks prefer to dey share fake updates on all platforms just so people no go too know how things be for am till everything go eventually dey okay.

These wash update Na wetin cause many expectations wey cause big disappointment to Chuks Family. Chuks mama send Richard to hustle visa help am find her only son to come back home after 16 years in diaspora. After he see am. He no like the condition wey he meet am for here after so many years abroad.

Chuks talk say to broke for abroad better pass to broke for Home (Naija).  Richard say "Home Na better place" after 16 years if you never collect.

Update don Jam Reality now, see confusion like fowl wey see monkey wey dey lay eggs hospital when Richard dey ask chuks to see the Benz and the Porsche wey he dey pose and post with . #washUpdates .e be like dream. 

But true true how much of our reality for diaspora we dey share as update for family and friends plus including well-wishers or Na just abroad wash update dem dey see . Check am, Chuks don cast. Who's Next?

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