Nigeria’s Political Prophecies: Fake, Failed or yet to be Fulfilled?

Buhari’s Re-election and Death: ‘What I saw is true’ says Prophet Samuel of FANO.

By: Ifeday Oshin
29 April, 2019

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Around the world, one of the burning conversations is the attempt to separate the state from religion. Put more succinctly, to put religion in its place- which is out of politics. However, recent events in South Africa and other parts of Africa have come to strengthen the clamour to clamp down on religion in both social and political life. One recall the ‘resurrection’ saga you might call it scandal that came out of Alleluia ministries, a charismatic church based in Sandton, Johannesburg. This was on the heel of another money laundering scandal about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in whose church gathering three women were alleged to have been trampled upon and killed in the process. In view of these gory examples and many others not mentioned, does it mean there is no place for the spiritual in our political lives? How do we explain the influential impacts of charismatic prophets in many nations’ politics through their cutting-edge prophecies about political events especially elections outcomes? Are we right and not sacrilegious to ask - Does God take sides in elections?  Can we completely deny God a place in politics? 

A Case Study of Political prophecies: Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse

In the last two decades or more, political prophecies have become the mainstream of many African church prophets’ repertoire. One of such popular political prophecies is that of the presidency of Nigeria by Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse. Prophet Samuel is one of the popular prophets with large following in South Africa. He oversees the over 5,000 congregation of Freedom for All Nations (aka FANO) and FANO TV with over 150,000 viewers every Sunday broadcast. Prophet Sam as fondly called had prophesied early in 2018 that God said the incumbent Nigerian President Buhari must not contest for a second term in office and if he does, he may die before the election. The popular prophet also prophesied that a youth whose name starts ‘S’ will become Nigerian president. Come 2019, the Nigerian presidential election had come and gone, and Buhari is alive and has been re-elected. 

What happened? I asked Prophet Sam. “People don’t go deep to consult people with spiritual understanding before they conclude on a matter. God has used me to prophesy to 10 countries and out of 10, 9 came to pass, but it is the same God who revealed all of them.”  Among the 9 prophecies, Prophet Sam mentioned that of President Zuma, Mugabe, Mgwangwa, Donald Trump, Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari as well as recent one in Congo DR- President Felix. All of these prophecies came to pass as was prophesied by the prophet. I said that Zuma will not finish his term... I said that I am seeing Mugabe leaving office in December and it came to pass,” the prophet explained.

The Big Bang Prophecy:  Nigeria’s President Buhari’s Death 

What happened to the prophecies of God’s ban on Buhari’s re-election and his possible death? Prophet Samuel answered: “Now, in the issue of Buhari, God spoke to me more than 9 times. God said to me; 'son, remember in 2013, I came to you that I am done with Jonathan; that I want somebody to come and lead. Then, I didn’t receive the name of the person. He just said somebody.”

Prophecies come in Stages. 

Prophet Samuel explained how the prophecy became clearer as time passed. “In 2014, God now revealed to me that Buhari will be in power. Then, Buhari has not even received nomination from his party. In 2015, I said that if I have my way to speak to Goodluck Jonathan I will tell him to step down because that seat no longer belongs to him because I see Buhari on the seat. I also said that it is true that people are saying that he should contest for the seat the second term but, I said to him that I saw men of God in Nigeria have prayed for Buhari and God has honoured the prayer. But it is not Buhari that God is looking for. It is the prayer they prayed that led to God giving them Buhari. God has been looking for a youth since Jonathan had become the President of Nigeria and that is what God showed me but He didn’t show me the name then. But when they prayed for Buhari, that was when God showed me that they have prayed for Buhari and Buhari will be the President. God said I must speak out against rigging the elections or else the bloodshed will be too much and I declared it and it came to pass.

 May is not Will: 

I said he MAY die before election. I didn’t say he will die. 

The issue of Buhari (2018) God said to me that I should warn Buhari that he should not contest for re-election and that if he contests, he may die. I saw spirit of death moving around him. We prayed as a church and among pastors. I said he MAY die before election. I didn’t say he will die. 

Fulfillment of Prophecies does not depend on the Prophets:

 Prophet Samuel indicated that it is not the one who speaks who makes it happen. It is God who makes prophecies happen. 

“That is why I can stand and boast that I brought my prophecy or word to pass. It is not in my hands to do that, I can’t do that. If God is using a man, the man must not claim that he is the one that is doing it because some of the things some prophets are saying 'I did this', 'I did that, they are offending God. They are not the one; we are just a vessel fortunate to be used by God.”

God’s Mind Can Be Changed But Not His Word: 

God will change his mind, but He will never change Word.

Prophet Samuel differentiated between the mind of God and the Word of God. The mind of God, he said can be persuaded through prayers, but His word is irrefutable and unchangeable. Somewhere, somehow, the Word of God which has been spoken will surely come to pass. So, when prayer changes the mind of God- it only changes the time, but never the word itself. This explains why Buhari did not die as prophesied and why a youth is yet to become Nigeria’s president. 

Prophet Samuel further explained:  “I was in my sitting room around October/November 2018, God said to me open to NTA (a DSTV channel) and I saw people praying for 40 days for Buhari and God said to me join them in prayer. I was wondering why must I join them. As I was praying, God opened my eyes, I saw Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Kumuyi and Buhari was in their midst kneeling down and they were praying saying we saw death around you, but we reverse it. 

They said it was 500 clerics both Muslim and Christian who fasted and prayed for 40 days to save the life of President Buhari and his re-election. They even brought people from outside of the country to come and pray for Buhari.”

“But God said to me; 'son, my words will surely come to pass.' I called my editor when I heard that to tell him that God is still saying to me that - what I said is true, but people prayed and God answered the prayers, but His word will still come to pass.”

A Prophet’s Lifestyle is more important than his Prophecies and Miracles

How do you tell a genuine prophecy? To Prophet Samuel it is not far-fetched; you shall know them by their fruits. According to him, what the so-called man of God does outside of the pulpit is far more significant and indicative than the prophecies and miracles he performs. “You don’t judge a man of God based on what God is using him to do. Judge a man of God based on his characters after the pulpit. God can use anyone to carry out his assignment. God can use Muslims, anybody. If God can use a donkey, God can use anybody. But you need to check the character (lifestyle) of the person.  But God will never ask you to go do fake miracles. God will never ask you to go and exploit people. God can ask you to go and deliver a message. So, if God asks you to deliver a message, it is not in your power to fulfil it. 

As in crime cases, motive is essential. Prophet Samuel challenged us to check the motive that underlies every prophecy and miracles. “For example, what is the motive (of these prophecies being released?)? You can only criticise a man if his motive is to collect money.  I have never in my life asked money from politicians. 

Time will Tell

With regards to Prophet Samuel’s big bang prophecies, the prophet believes time will tell. “We are alive. We shall see it face to face and we will know who is lying and who is right. Let’s wait and see what will be the outcomes for Nigeria, but as far as I am concerned what I saw is true”, the Prophet insisted.

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