Nigeria has a lot of Potentials

By: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele
21 March, 2019

Column: Nigeria Community News

During an interview with The Nigeria Voice Newspaper on Thursday 21st of March, 2019 at the Consul General's residence in Hughton, Nigerian-born, US-based internationally renowned social activist and education advocate, Zuriel Oduwole stated that Nigeria has a lot of potentials waiting to be tapped. “If I were the President of Nigeria, my focus will be on the youths and trying to get the girl child back into schools,” Zuriel avowed. 

Zuriel said it was important to support each other as a society, support national elections because it is important to everyone as citizens and as well support the girls and encourage them to do what they want to do in life as it is very important.

Zuriel whose life time dream and ambition is to become United Nations Secretary General and when she turns 35, she dreams of becoming the President of the United States of America. Presently, the young social activist wants to continue her education advocacy works to support more girls especially in Africa with the view of helping them to get into school and have access to quality education.

The young Nigerian took time to interact with guests and answer questions while being hosted by the Nigerian Consul General- Mr. Adama. In her response to one of the questions, she stated that the turning point started during her visit to Ghana. "The turning point for me was when I went to Ghana and saw many girl children not going to school and selling on the street".

Zuriel advised the youths not to be scared of failure, as failure is a part of success. "A successful person is not defined as someone who never fails. A successful person is someone who fails but continues going on and on," said Zuriel.

She lamented that one of the biggest challenges she faces comes from a lot of world leaders on the African continent being the reasons why the girl children are not able to go to school. “Sometimes, it is economic reason because their parents cannot afford to send them to school, but other times it’s for cultural reasons, Zuriel revealed.

"Back then when I was 10 year old, I met the President of South Sudan. His country has one of the highest rate of girl marriages in Africa because in that country they don't believe girls should go to school, they believe they should just get married at a young age", Zuriel told guests. 

Zuriel identified the biggest challenge to her girl-education advocacy drive to the limiting effect of some African culture. 

"The biggest challenge I have faced is that because of cultural reasons girl child are not able to go to school because often times it’s hard to change certain things especially when it has to do with tradition that have been existing for many years. But to tackle such issue the main thing I do is to talk to the world leaders and hope that if I show myself as an example of what educated girls can do hopefully when they go back to their countries they can start a conversation on why it is important why girls should go to school and get quality education," the social activist enthused.

Zuriel pleaded with African parents to allow their children to follow their gifts rather than choosing a profession for them. "First to the parents. I know a lot of parents here and African especially in Nigeria tend to decide what they want their children to become like Lawyers, Engineers, and Doctors. But I think the best thing is that if you have a child who is gifted then it is important to allow the child follow the gift," she suggested.


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