Consul General Introduces Zuriel to Nigerian Community on Freedom Day.

By: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele
25 April, 2019

Column: Nigeria Community News

If the name Zuriel Oduwole is new to you, I suggest you go and do a bit of research about her. Zuriel Oduwole is an education advocate and film maker best known for her works on the advocacy for the education of girls in Africa. She is of Nigerian and Mauritian descent. Her advocacy has since made her the youngest person to be profiled by Forbes.

 Zuriel has met with 24 Presidents and Prime Ministers in the course of her education advocacy works. Among some of the leaders met by Zuriel are two Nigeria Presidents; former President Goodluck Jonathan and current President Muhammadu Buhari.

Although on the invitation of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nigerian Consul General Mr. Godwin Adama seized the opportunity of Zuriel's visit to South Africa to organize a meet, greet and lunch session with children and members of the Nigerian Community in South Africa, as well as some other invited guest at his Houghton residence on Thursday 21st March 2019 (Human Rights Day). "Zuriel is in Johannesburg today though with some other international engagement with the Mandela foundation and others. We are privileged to welcome and interface with this pride of Nigeria and Africa," said the Consul General.

The Consul General was very philosophical and motivating during his speech as he gave a brief introduction on how he met the young inspiring Nigerian. "Zuriel Oduwole is a girl I met some time ago in the cause of my official assignment in the United States when I was on a trip with the then President of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. She interviewed the President then on a number of issues".

He continued "then again in 2015 during the US Africa summit in Washington DC United States of America the girl again met and interviewed current President MUhammadu Buhari at his hotel prior to his meeting at the Whitehouse".

Consul General Adama informed of his involvement in the process of Zuriel meeting the then president.  "I was involved in the initial consultations and protocol processes before the meeting as I was Director of Protocol to the President at the time. Zuriel was received along with other notable Nigerian professionals including a Nigerian who is one of the leading designers of Ford Motors in the United States and another Nigerian who was recognized as the greatest brain surgeon in Las Vegas in the United States of America. Zuriel amazed me in the interview of the President with precision of thoughts and focus," Mr. Adama narrated.

Speaking further on his encounter with Zuriel, Mr Adama said, "Again at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016, I met Zuriel at the Cop23 side event of Climate Change and where Nigeria participated at the level of Head of States. She made resounding contributions that amazed every participants considering her age then (Maybe around 13 years). Since then I have followed her progress particularly through email exchange with her father and manager Mr. Oduwole. It was during the process of such communication that led to what we are experiencing today". 

The Consul General Mr. Adama shared words wisdom to advise those who were present at the event. “Philosophically, as for me I am privileged to be hiding under grace because grace is what makes God to ignore my errors and color my efforts. I am what I am by the grace of God".

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied and believe in what you do is great work and the only way to do great work is to live what you do. If you haven’t found your vision yet, keep looking don't settle for less. God is a God of purpose and when purpose is not known abuse becomes inevitable. A picture is a mental vision of a desired future. A discovery of that purpose is what sets the stage for a life of impact. Love what you do, get good at it, confidence is a rare commodity in this day and age", Consul General waxed philosophically. 

Mr Adama then finally said it is not about him today, it is about Zuriel "I will leave everything about her to the period of her introduction by the appropriate channel, am only making comment about this great visionary personality. As for other Nigerians, South Africans and many other that we have here today including some from eSwatini. I will personally like to thank and appreciate you all for honoring our invitation at short notice. It gives me the encouragement to serve better. Life is not about consumption, Life is about contribution. God will help each and every one of us to discover and work in line with purpose".

Finally, I want us to see what is happening here today as a celebration of a girl with a vision and purpose. She is running effectively with that vision. You can too. I will like to leave with a few random thoughts as I look forward to hearing how Zuriel Oduwole's advice and wisdom can help all of us, especially the youths, His Excellency concluded.


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