By: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele
14 May, 2022

Column: Nigeria Community News

“Verily, you are the type that fulfills every promise. All praises are due to Allah. We seek Allah’s forgiveness, protection from our wrongdoing, and the evil acts from our doings”. This is the English translation of an Arabic voice message sent via WhatsApp by the kidnappers with a  Kenyan number +254 775 577319 and obtained by The Nigerian Voice Newspaper.

The voice note message continued, quoting a verse from the Holy Quran, which translates as O you who believe, fear Allah and fears him in everything you do. Remember the blessings of Allah as we have bestowed on you.

The voice message concluded, As-Salamu Alaykum brother, O you who honor brother. We need three (3) million dollars. Quoting the same verse from the Quran, O you who believe, fear Allah and fear him in everything you do.

(Name withheld); Please help me, (Names withheld) I beg you guys, (Name withheld) and everybody should help me. Bros. (Name withheld) help me, call everybody you know, call everybody everywhere, please, so you can come up with what the person needs” - Olumide Jolayemi (Don Eje) pleaded in a voice note message.

He continued, (Names withheld)  “I beg you guys, please, so I can come out of this place. I am begging all of you for the sake of my daughter. I am begging you guys with the name of God. All of you should help me, please.

“Come up with anything you can. Call everybody for assistance. I beg you with the name of God. All of you should assist me. I will pay you all back with whatever I have. I am begging you guys. Sell any of my things you can sell”.

“Please, make sure you raise whatever amount you can raise for him. Please, I beg you. Sorry boss, sorry boss, sorry boss, It ended with Olumides’s voice trembling.

Olumide Jolayemi Alabi, known as Don Eje, is one of the owners of Black Door Lounge in Sandton. Black Door lounge is a well-known uptown nightclub in the highbrow area of Sandton City.

Olumide; was kidnapped on March 12, 2022. The incident was around Chartwell Castle Road, Fourways, Johannesburg. At around 8:30 PM. The kidnap was well-orchestrated. He was driving in his Mercedes-Benz McLaren at the time of the kidnap.

The case was reported at the Douglas Dale Police Station the same day the incident occurred. On March 16, 2022, a group of Nigerians protested at the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria premises in Sandton. The protest was to officially report the incident to the immediate former Consul-General, Mr. Abdul Malik. 

The kidnapping of Olumide Jolayemi Alabi should be a lesson to the Nigerian community. Unity is important. We need one another. We cannot afford to live in isolation from each other. The community needs a vibrant and credible association to lead the people. Together, the community can achieve a lot as an indivisible unit.

Where are Olumide’s friends?. Much is expected from them. They need to keep the momentum going for the authorities to act. In South Africa, Nigeria has its Diplomatic Missions in both Pretoria and Johannesburg with a Defense Adviser’s office. Yet, a Nigerian citizen Olumide Jolayemi Alabi has been kidnapped, and his kidnappers are demanding three Million Dollars ($3,000,000). Everyone is silent about it. It has been exactly two months since his kidnap. And no one has an idea if he is still alive or not.

The community pleads with the Nigerian Missions and the Federal Government of Nigeria to do something about the kidnap of Olumide Jolayemi. The question everyone is asking is, Where is Olumide Jolayemi Alabi (Don Eje)?


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